$500 State Stimulus Checks – Which States Are Sending $500 Monthly Payments? Full Details Inside

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Millions of Americans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of $500 state stimulus checks as July approaches. These payments aim to provide financial relief to low-income earners who are struggling with the inflated cost of living. Here’s a detailed look at the latest updates on these stimulus checks.


Starting in July 2024, many US residents will be eligible for new stimulus checks, provided they meet the specific eligibility criteria set by their states. These monthly payments, amounting to up to $500, are designed to help low-income individuals cope with the financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising living costs, and limited access to healthcare.


Initially, the Federal Government provided Economic Impact payments to assist citizens in recovering from the pandemic’s financial impact. However, these payments were insufficient for many residents to regain financial stability. Recognizing the ongoing struggle, local and state governments have stepped in to offer long-term support.


A guaranteed basic income (GBI) or stimulus payment is becoming a common strategy to combat poverty in America. Since 2019, over 50 cities have tested GBI programs, providing low-income participants with monthly payments ranging from $100 to $1,000 with no strings attached. Here are the current stimulus check programs offered by various states:



  • Long Beach Pledge Program: Provides $500 each month to about 200 low-income households with children. Payments will be sent from spring 2024 to spring 2025.
  • Elevate MV Program: Offers $500 monthly to approximately 166 low-income parents. Payments are deposited from December 2022 until the end of 2024.
  • Pathway to Income Equity Program: Gives $500 monthly to around 305 low-income households, with payments from January 2023 until the upcoming year.


  • Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor Program: Provides $528 per month to about 100 low-income entrepreneurs, with payments from January 2024 to December 2025.
  • Rx Kids Program: Offers a $1,500 lump sum followed by $500 monthly payments to nearly 1,200 new and expectant mothers. Funds will be credited from January 2024 until spring 2025.

New Mexico

  • Learn, Earn, Achieve Program: The City of Santa Fe provides $400 monthly to 98 new low-income parents enrolled in degree or certificate programs at Santa Fe Community College. Payments will be made from January 2024 through spring 2025.

New York

  • The Bridge Project: Offers up to $1,000 monthly to 1,200 needy mothers. The program started in June 2021 and continues to support thousands of Americans.


  • Growing Resilience in Tacoma Program: Provides up to $500 monthly to low-income families, with payments continuing until June 2025.

Full News

According to the latest reports, in July 2024, many Americans will be eligible for new stimulus checks worth $500 each month, depending on the state and program they have chosen. These payments aim to support low-income households facing financial challenges due to higher living expenses.

It’s important to note that several states and cities have implemented guaranteed basic income programs to provide ongoing financial assistance to those in need. While the exact dates for disbursement haven’t been announced, recipients will soon start receiving their stimulus checks.


What We Know

Individuals who qualified for previous stimulus checks will automatically receive the new payments without needing to reapply. Those who didn’t qualify before have the opportunity to apply and submit the necessary documents.

Each state has its own rules, eligibility criteria, and payment rates. Therefore, it’s advisable to visit government portals or seek assistance from non-profit organizations that focus on social safety nets or economic justice initiatives to get accurate information on the payments offered by your state.


As July approaches, stay informed and prepared to benefit from these financial relief programs designed to help you navigate the challenges of the current economic climate.


Who is eligible for the $500 stimulus checks?

Low-income earners meeting specific state criteria are eligible.


When will the payments start?

Payments are expected to begin in July 2024.

Do I need to apply if I received previous checks?

No, previous recipients will get payments automatically.


How can I find out my state’s eligibility criteria?

Visit your state’s government portal for detailed information.

Are these payments ongoing?

Yes, many states have programs providing monthly payments until 2025.


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