Universal Credit Benefit Cap for July 2024 – Approved Amounts, Increases, Exemptions, and Calculations

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Knowing the Universal Credit Benefit Cap for 2024 is crucial for many households relying on Universal Credit. The benefit cap serves as a ceiling on the total amount a working-age household can receive through Universal Credit, even if their full entitlement is higher.

This measure aims to promote fairness, incentivize work, and ensure fiscal responsibility. Here’s a detailed look at the benefit cap, including potential changes, current amounts, exemptions, and calculations.



The Universal Credit Benefit Cap is designed to limit the total amount of benefits a household can receive. This cap ensures fairness within the benefits system and encourages people to seek employment. The cap is periodically reviewed and adjusted based on economic factors such as inflation.

Current Cap Amounts

The Universal Credit Benefit Cap varies depending on your location and household composition. The cap is higher in Greater London due to the increased cost of living, and it differs for single adults, couples, and lone parents.


Here are the current benefit cap amounts:

Household TypeGreater London (per week)Outside Greater London (per week)
Couples and lone parents£486.98£423.46
Single adults£326.29£283.71

These amounts reflect the Universal Credit Benefit Cap for 2024. However, these figures might change due to inflation and other economic factors. It is essential to stay updated on announcements from the government for the latest information.


Potential Increases

The benefit cap amount is reviewed periodically and may increase based on economic conditions, particularly inflation. Although there hasn’t been an announcement regarding an increase as of June 2024, changes are typically announced during the Autumn Budget statement, which occurs in October or November.


Certain households are exempt from the Universal Credit Benefit Cap. Here are some common exemptions:


Disability-Related Exemptions

  • If someone in your household receives the care or mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  • Households with a member receiving an Attendance Allowance.
  • If someone in your household has limited capability for work-related activity within Universal Credit.

Care-Related Exemptions

  • If someone in your household receives Carer’s Allowance for providing care for at least 35 hours a week to someone with a disability.
  • Households with someone receiving the Carer component within Universal Credit.

Other exemptions include individuals under the state pension age and those within a nine-month grace period if they have recently claimed Universal Credit.


The benefit cap is applied after all applicable housing benefits have been deducted from your total benefit award. If your capped amount is less than your total entitlement, your housing benefit will be reduced accordingly. To know how the cap impacts your specific situation, you should contact your local Jobcentre Plus.


Here’s a simplified example to illustrate the calculation:

ItemAmount (£)
Total Benefit Entitlement550
Housing Benefit100
Capped Amount (Outside London)423.46
Adjusted Housing Benefit73.46

In this scenario, the housing benefit is reduced so that the total benefits received do not exceed the cap.


The Universal Credit Benefit Cap is a significant aspect of the benefits system, impacting many households across the UK. Knowing the cap, exemptions, and how it’s calculated can help you navigate your financial situation more effectively. Stay informed by checking official announcements and consulting with relevant authorities.


What is the Universal Credit Benefit Cap for 2024?

The cap is the limit on the total benefits a household can receive, varying by location and household type.


How much is the benefit cap in Greater London for couples and lone parents?

£486.98 per week.

Are there any exemptions to the benefit cap?

Yes, including disability-related and care-related exemptions.


When are changes to the benefit cap announced?

Typically during the Autumn Budget statement in October or November.

How is the benefit cap applied?

It’s applied after deducting applicable housing benefits from your total benefit award.


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