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Investing in a TD Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is a low-risk way to grow your savings securely. Offered by TD Bank, a GIC allows you to invest a specific sum of money for a set period, earning interest over that time. Once the term ends, you receive your initial investment plus interest. This article looks into TD GIC rates, how to check them, and details about various TD GIC products.


A TD GIC, or Term Deposit Guaranteed Investment Certificate, provides a fixed rate of return over a predetermined period. It’s a stable investment option for those looking to grow their savings without exposing themselves to market volatility. TD GICs come in several types, each designed to meet different investment goals.


Checking TD GIC Rates

Finding TD GIC rates in Canada is straightforward. As an account holder, you can check current rates by logging into TD Bank’s online portal. After signing in, navigate to the GIC Rates section from the homepage to view the latest offerings.

TD Bank GIC Types

TD Bank offers a variety of GICs, each catering to different investment needs:

  1. Market Growth GICs: Tied to market performance, these GICs provide the potential for higher returns without risking your principal. They come with guaranteed interest returns and no fees.
  2. Special Offer GICs: These short to medium-term GICs offer high interest rates for terms ranging from 100 days to 3 years. A minimum investment of 500 CAD is required, with interest rates up to 5.25% per annum.
  3. Cashable GICs: Offering flexible terms from 30 days to 5 years, these GICs allow you to cash out early if needed. They guarantee a return with interest rates around 3% per annum.
  4. Non-Cashable GICs: These GICs lock your investment until maturity, providing a secure option with higher returns. Terms range from 30 days to 5 years, with rates up to 5.35% per annum.
  5. TD U.S. Dollar GICs: These GICs allow you to invest in U.S. dollars, earning a 4.45% return for terms up to 5 years. The minimum investment is 1000 USD, making it ideal for those looking to diversify their currency holdings.

TD GIC Interest Rates

Interest rates for TD GICs vary based on the term length and whether the interest is simple or compounded. Here’s a breakdown:

Short-Term Rates

TermInterest Rate (TFSA)
30 Days2.25%
60 Days2.50%
90 Days2.75%
120 Days3.00%
180 Days3.25%
270 Days3.50%

Short-term GICs offer competitive rates, especially for Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA).


Long-Term Simple Interest Rates

TermInterest Rate
1 Year5.35%
2 Years5.30%
3 Years5.00%
4 Years5.00%
5 Years5.00%

For long-term GICs, the interest rate remains steady at 5% for terms of 3 to 5 years, with a peak of 5.35% for 1-year terms.

Long-Term Compound Interest Rates

TermInterest Rate
1 Year5.35%
2 Years5.30%
3 Years5.00%
4 Years5.00%
5 Years5.00%

Compound interest rates are consistent with simple interest rates, providing steady returns over longer periods.


TD GICs offer a reliable and low-risk way to grow your savings, with various terms and types to suit different financial goals. Whether you’re saving for a major purchase or simply looking to increase your wealth securely, TD GICs provide a dependable solution.

Investing in a TD GIC can be an excellent strategy for secure growth. With multiple options and competitive rates, you can find the right GIC to meet your financial goals. Always check the latest rates and terms to make an informed decision.



What is a TD GIC?

A low-risk investment with fixed returns.

How to check TD GIC rates?

Log into TD Bank’s online portal.


What types of TD GICs are available?

Market Growth, Special Offer, Cashable, Non-Cashable, U.S. Dollar.

What is the minimum investment for TD GICs?

500 CAD or 1000 USD.


Can I cash out a TD GIC early?

Only with Cashable GICs.


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