SSDI Increase 2024 – Expected Changes and Payment Updates

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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides vital financial assistance to individuals with disabilities who have paid sufficient Social Security taxes. Administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), SSDI is set to see significant changes and increases in 2024, thanks to the Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA). This article cuts into the latest updates and what beneficiaries can expect in 2024.

SSDI Overview

SSDI is a federal program designed to support individuals who can no longer work due to a disability. To qualify, one must have a disability and have contributed to Social Security through taxes on their earnings. SSDI not only benefits the claimant but also extends to certain family members.


COLA Increase

In 2024, the COLA adjustment is set at 3.2%, leading to an increase in all Social Security benefits, including SSDI. This adjustment is intended to match the rising cost of living in the United States, ensuring beneficiaries can maintain their purchasing power.

Payment Changes

Starting in 2024, disabled workers can receive a maximum monthly payment of $1,537, reflecting the 3.2% COLA increase. This increase ensures that beneficiaries’ payments keep pace with inflation.


Monthly Payment Breakdown

Disabled worker$1,489$1,537$48
Disabled widow(er)$897$926$29
Aged widow(er)$1,720$1,775$55
Spouse of retired worker$885$913$28
Retired worker$1,847$1,906$59

While these are estimated amounts, the actual benefit will depend on individual circumstances, such as work history and other factors. Beneficiaries can check their specific payment amounts via their “my Social Security” account.

Early Payments

The SSA will send letters to all beneficiaries in December 2023, detailing the new SSDI and other Social Security benefit amounts. Additionally, some beneficiaries may start receiving increased payments as early as December 29, 2023. Around 71 million citizens enrolled in various Social Security programs will benefit from these increases in 2024.


Tax Rates

Despite the increase in benefits, the tax rates for employees and self-employed individuals will remain unchanged in 2024. Employees will continue to pay a 7.65% tax rate, while self-employed individuals will pay 15.3%.

The Maximum Taxable Earnings threshold, which determines the income subject to Social Security taxes, will be adjusted annually. For 2024, this threshold is set at $168,000.



COLA, or Cost-Of-Living Adjustment, is an annual change made to Social Security benefits to counteract the effects of inflation. Announced each October for the upcoming year, the COLA ensures that beneficiaries’ purchasing power is not diminished by rising costs.

For 2024, the SSA has set the COLA at 3.2%, up from 8.7% in 2023. These adjustments directly impact the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA), which is the basis for calculating benefits. For instance, a PIA of $1,924.50 would increase to $1,986 with a 3.2% COLA.


Historical Context

The COLA adjustments have varied over the years, with significant increases in recent years. In 2022, the COLA was 5.9%, leading to an average monthly benefit of $1,358 for disabled workers. In 2023, the COLA rose to 8.7%, resulting in a $1,483 monthly benefit. These historical changes are documented on the SSA’s official website.

The 2024 SSDI updates bring welcome increases to beneficiaries’ monthly payments, ensuring that their benefits keep pace with the rising cost of living. By knowing the changes and staying informed, beneficiaries can make the most of their SSDI benefits.



What is the 2024 SSDI maximum monthly payment?

The maximum monthly payment for disabled workers in 2024 is $1,537.

When will beneficiaries see the increased SSDI payments?

Some beneficiaries may see increased payments as early as December 29, 2023.


How much is the 2024 COLA increase?

The 2024 COLA increase is set at 3.2%.

Are the SSDI tax rates changing in 2024?

No, the tax rates for employees (7.65%) and self-employed individuals (15.3%) remain unchanged.


What is the 2024 Maximum Taxable Earnings threshold?

The threshold for 2024 is $168,000.


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