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The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a financial support system in the UK designed for individuals with long-term disabilities or health conditions that affect their daily living and mobility. If your initial PIP claim is denied but a successful appeal proves you were eligible, you can receive back pay for the period starting from your original application date. These backdated payments, known as arrears, compensate for the period you were entitled to PIP but didn’t receive it.

PIP Back Pay

The PIP back pay compensates you for the period you were eligible for PIP but didn’t receive it. The backdated period can start from the date you applied for PIP or the date your disability began, whichever is later.


There are two main scenarios for receiving PIP back pay:

  • Initial Claim Denial: If your PIP claim was rejected but you successfully appealed the decision, you could be entitled to backdated payments from your original application date.
  • Under-award: If you received PIP but believe the award amount didn’t reflect the full extent of your disability, a successful reconsideration or appeal could lead to a backdated payment for the difference between the awarded amount and what you were entitled to.

Back Pay Calculator

While the government has not provided an official PIP back pay calculator, you can estimate the amount you might be owed using the following steps:

  1. Historical PIP Rates: Gather information on the historical PIP rates for the period you believe you were eligible but didn’t receive the benefit.
  2. Calculate Duration: Determine the number of weeks or months between your initial application date and the date you received the correct PIP award.
  3. Estimate Amount:
    • If your claim was initially denied, multiply the appropriate weekly PIP rate by the number of weeks in the backdated period.
    • If you received PIP but believe it was an under-award, find the difference between the amount you received per week and the amount you believe you should have received. Multiply this weekly difference by the number of weeks in the backdated period.

Latest Updates

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is conducting a review of PIP claims for individuals with mental health conditions. This review focuses on the mobility component and aims to identify individuals who may have been wrongly denied the benefit. If you have a mental health condition and think you might be eligible, this review could impact your claim.

Significant Back Pay Awards

There have been reports of individuals receiving substantial backdated payments, ranging from £5,000 to £12,000, due to errors in PIP assessments. While not everyone will receive such high amounts, these cases highlight the importance of challenging decisions you believe are incorrect.


Claiming PIP Back Pay

If you believe you were wrongly denied PIP or received an under-award, follow these steps:

  1. Gather Evidence: Collect documents supporting your disability and its impact on daily living. Medical records, therapist reports, or statements from carers can be helpful.
  2. Request Reconsideration: Contact the DWP and request a reconsideration of your PIP award online or by phone.
  3. Appeal: If the reconsideration is unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision to an independent tribunal.
  4. Seek Help: Organizations like Citizens Advice and other disability rights groups offer free advice and support throughout the PIP claim process.

Taking action within the time limits is crucial. The amount of back pay will vary based on the nature of the disability and health conditions.


In summary, knowing and claiming PIP back pay can be complex, but it’s vital to ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to. By staying informed and proactive, you can navigate the PIP process more effectively.


How can I estimate my PIP back pay?

Use historical PIP rates and calculate the duration you were eligible but didn’t receive benefits.


What if my initial PIP claim was denied?

You could be entitled to backdated payments if your appeal is successful.

How do I request a reconsideration?

Contact the DWP online or by phone to request a reconsideration.


Who can help with my PIP claim?

Organizations like Citizens Advice offer free advice and support.

Are there significant back pay awards?

Yes, some individuals have received between £5,000 to £12,000 due to assessment errors.


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