Food Stamps Payments This Week – SNAP Checks Up to $430 for Individuals

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Food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), are being sent out through July 28. States across the U.S. are reloading Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards, allowing SNAP recipients to purchase groceries and save on healthy food. It’s crucial to remember that food stamps are for low-income families, and any change in your financial situation could impact your eligibility.


To receive food stamps, you must get approval based on your financial situation. This benefit is designed for low-income families, so any improvement or decline in your financial status may affect your eligibility. Staying updated with your state’s requirements is essential to maintain your benefits.


Maximum Amounts

The maximum SNAP benefits vary by location. While the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia have the same maximum amounts, some states and U.S. territories have higher payments. For instance:

  • Guam: Up to $430 for a single recipient.
  • 48 contiguous states and DC: Up to $291 for a single recipient.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Virgin Islands: Higher amounts compared to the contiguous states.

States Sending Food Stamps

Although some states have already distributed all SNAP payments, many are still reloading EBT cards throughout July. Here’s a breakdown of the distribution schedule:

StateDistribution Dates
AlabamaJuly 4-23
ArizonaJuly 1-13
ArkansasJuly 4-13
CaliforniaJuly 1-10
ColoradoJuly 1-10
DelawareJuly 2-23
FloridaJuly 1-28
GeorgiaJuly 5-23
GuamJuly 1-10
IdahoJuly 1-10
IllinoisJuly 1-10
IndianaJuly 5-23
IowaJuly 1-10
KansasJuly 1-10
KentuckyJuly 1-19
LouisianaJuly 1-23
MaineJuly 10-14
MarylandJuly 4-23
MassachusettsJuly 1-14
MichiganJuly 3-21
MinnesotaJuly 4-13
MississippiJuly 4-21
MissouriJuly 1-22
NevadaJuly 1-10
New MexicoJuly 1-20
New YorkJuly 1-9
North CarolinaJuly 3-21
OhioJuly 2-20
OklahomaJuly 1-10
OregonJuly 1-9
PennsylvaniaJuly 3-14
Puerto RicoJuly 4-22
South CarolinaJuly 1-10
South DakotaJuly 10
TennesseeJuly 1-20
TexasJuly 1-28
The District of ColumbiaJuly 1-10
UtahJuly 11 and 15
WashingtonJuly 1-20
West VirginiaJuly 1-9
WisconsinJuly 1-15

States like Texas and Florida will continue to send food stamps through July 28, ensuring recipients can manage their grocery needs throughout the month.

Food stamps are a critical support system for low-income families, helping them access nutritious food. Staying informed about distribution schedules and eligibility requirements ensures recipients can make the most of their benefits.



Who is eligible for food stamps?

Low-income families who get approval based on their financial situation.

How are food stamp amounts determined?

Amounts vary by state and territory, with higher amounts in places like Guam.


When will Texas send food stamps?

Can changes in financial status affect food stamps?

Yes, any change in your financial situation may impact eligibility.


What is the maximum food stamp amount in Guam?

A single recipient can receive up to $430.


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