Centrelink Payment Dates for July 2024 Announced! New Payment Dates and Amounts

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Millions of Australians rely on Centrelink payments for their basic expenditures. With the beginning of the new month, many recipients eagerly await their next deposit. This article details the Centrelink payment dates for July 2024 and the updated payment amounts.

Centrelink Payments

Centrelink delivers financial assistance to households with low to moderate incomes. Various benefit plans are implemented under Centrelink payments, each with its own procedure, eligibility criteria, and payment dates.


With changes in the budget and the rising cost of living, the payment amounts are expected to increase in the upcoming months. While there was a delay in last month’s payments, this month’s deposits are expected to be on schedule.

Payment Categories

The age pension supports seniors who have contributed to the pension benefit plan during their employment years. The amount is based on their contributions.

  • Single: $1116.74
  • Couple: $814.75 each

Youth Allowance

This allowance is for teenagers aged 16 to 18 who are not supported by their parents and live independently. It covers expenses for further studies and living costs until they find part-time or full-time employment.

  • Scholars: $693
  • Dependent Children: $455

Jobseeker Allowance

This allowance supports long-term unemployed individuals seeking employment, providing financial aid until they secure part-time or full-time work.

  • Single: $749.20
  • Parent with Childcare: $802

Child Care Subsidy

This scheme provides financial support to families with foster care, covering the child’s basic expenses from diapers to educational fees until they are about 17 years old or independent.

  • Basic Amount: $148
  • Daycare Service: $52.50 per child

Sole Parent Allowance

This allowance supports single parents who work and raise children, covering basic child-rearing expenses. For working parents, daycare service expenses are also covered.

  • Monthly Installment: $970

Disability Support Pension

This pension offers financial support to students with long-term or short-term disabilities, covering daily needs and medical treatments. Temporary disability applicants can apply for half payments, while those with long-term disabilities can apply for full payments.

  • Monthly Deposit: $1096

Mobility Allowance

This allowance supports disabled individuals who cannot use public transport for personal or business trips, covering special transportation costs.

  • Per Fortnight: $115.70

Carer Allowance

Financial aid is given to those caring for seniors or disabled individuals, encouraging them for their caregiving efforts.

  • Per Fortnight: $153.50

Additional Benefits

Centrelink also provides bonus benefits such as Rent Allowance, Energy Supplement, Pension Supplement, and Telephone Allowance to further support citizens.


Payment Dates July 2024

Centrelink payments are generally deposited at the beginning of each month. To avoid confusion, especially for seniors receiving multiple allowances, payments are issued in specific categories and on consecutive dates. The disbursement process typically starts in the first week and completes within five days. Here is the expected schedule:

  • First Week of July: Age Pension and other allowances
  • Fortnight Frequency: Certain allowances, like Mobility and Carer Allowances, are paid fortnightly.

Centrelink payments play a crucial role in supporting Australian households. With the new payment dates and increased amounts in July 2024, recipients can better manage their finances and meet their basic needs. Stay updated on your myGov portal for precise payment schedules and additional support options.



When will the July 2024 Centrelink payments be deposited?

Payments start in the first week of July and complete within five days.

What is the amount for the Age Pension in July 2024?

$1116.74 for singles and $814.75 for each member of a couple.


How much is the Youth Allowance for scholars?

$693 for scholars and $455 for dependent children.

Is there an increase in Centrelink payments in July 2024?

Yes, payments are expected to increase due to budget changes and rising living costs.


How often are Mobility and Carer Allowances paid?

These allowances are paid fortnightly.


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