Canada Extra GST Payment 2024 – Amount, Dates, and Eligibility Explained

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides federal goods and services tax (GST) payments to Canadian taxpayers. In 2024, the CRA will deliver extra GST assistance to eligible individuals and families. This article will look into what the Extra GST Payment is, its amount, payment dates, and eligibility requirements. Continue reading to learn more about this financial support.

Extra GST Payment 2024

Canadian citizens can look forward to additional GST payments in 2024. The CRA will deliver these payments to individuals who have filed their income tax returns. This extra payment aims to support low-income taxpayers by reducing their tax burden. The payment amount is based on the individual’s net gross income and the number of dependents.


The extra GST assistance provides $496 to single recipients and $650 to married or joint filers. This financial support helps low-income households manage their goods and services tax expenses. Payments will be made regularly, and eligible recipients will receive benefits based on their net income and tax filings.

Extra GST Explained

The Extra GST Payment is a supplementary grocery rebate designed to assist Canadian families and individuals with rising living costs and inflation. The CRA will deliver this payment to help taxpayers cope with additional expenses. The GST is imposed on the Consumer Price Index and varies across different tax categories, including income tax and property tax.


The GST is a tax applied to goods and services in Canada. Starting January 2024, the Federal Government of Canada increased the GST by 9%. Registrants must file their GST returns to receive this assistance, which is exempt from other taxes.

Payment Amount

The Extra GST Payment amount depends on the adjusted family net income and the number of children under 18 years old. The payment breakdown is as follows:

  • Single individuals: $496
  • Married or common-law couples: $650
  • For each child under 18 years: $171

The base amount is reduced by 2% for each dollar of adjusted net income exceeding $35,000. The higher the income, the smaller the Extra GST Payment. The federal GST amount also varies by province.

The grocery rebate assistance was introduced in the federal budget to provide targeted inflation relief. These Extra GST Payments aim to help low-income taxpayers and their families manage rising living costs and inflation. To receive the Extra GST Payment, taxpayers must file their income tax returns with the CRA.



To be eligible for the Extra GST Payment, individuals must meet specific income thresholds based on their income and family size. The adjusted family net income is calculated by subtracting child care benefits and disability savings plan income. Eligible individuals must be registered under the Canadian Act to receive the payment based on their qualified income.

The Extra GST Payment supports families with their living expenses. The Canadian Government enforces these taxes, which include taxable supplies, exempt supplies, and zero-rated supplies.


The Extra GST Payment 2024 is a crucial financial support initiative designed to assist low-income Canadian families and individuals. By knowing the payment amounts, eligibility requirements, and the importance of filing income tax returns, eligible recipients can benefit from this assistance. Stay updated with the CRA for the latest information on payment dates and eligibility criteria.


What is the extra GST payment amount for singles in 2024?

$496 for single individuals.


How much do married couples receive in extra GST payments?

$650 per couple.

What is the extra GST payment per child under 18?

$171 per child.


How is the Extra GST Payment amount calculated?

Based on adjusted family net income and number of dependents.

When did the GST increase take effect?

January 2024.


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