$200 Raise Plus $2,000 Social Security Check for SSI, SSDI, Low-Income, and VA Recipients

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Exciting news is on the horizon for Social Security claimants. Millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting updates about a potential $200 monthly raise for Social Security recipients.

Raise Proposal

A new bill proposes a $200 monthly increase for Social Security beneficiaries. This bill, spearheaded by John Larson, aims to support those struggling with rising living costs. If approved, recipients would see a 2 percent benefit increase and an additional $200 monthly payment.



The proposed increase targets SSI, SSDI, low-income, and VA beneficiaries. Although awaiting Congressional approval, the bill promises to alleviate financial strain for those on a fixed income, helping them manage living expenses better.


To qualify for the $200 monthly increase, recipients must meet specific criteria:

  • Income status: Those with minimal or no income are eligible.
  • Age: Applicants must be 62 or older and have paid Social Security taxes.
  • Disabilities: Long-term disabilities, like blindness, that prevent work qualify recipients.
  • Work credits: Minimum work credits and other Social Security regulations must be met.

Those who don’t meet these criteria will continue to receive their standard benefits without the additional payment.


As of now, the $200 monthly increase bill has not been approved by Congress. Although John Larson has promoted it, the bill still requires legislative backing. Therefore, recipients should continue to expect their regular Social Security payments.


If the bill is passed, the extra $200 monthly benefit could start as early as August 2024, providing eligible recipients an additional $2,400 per year. This boost would offer significant financial stability, especially for those relying on Social Security as their primary income source.


While the $200 raise proposal sparks hope, it’s crucial to note that it hasn’t been officially approved. The Social Security Administration has yet to announce any changes beyond regular cost-of-living adjustments.


If the bill passes, payment disbursements will occur based on recipients’ birthdates. In case of delays, contacting the Social Security Administration with the necessary documents is advised to claim the additional $200.


When will the $200 raise be available?

The bill is not yet approved by Congress.


Who proposed the $200 increase?

John Larson proposed the bill.

How much is the annual increase?

The increase is $2,400 annually if approved.


Who qualifies for the raise?

Low-income, 62+, disabled, and those meeting work credit requirements.

What should I do if payments are delayed?

Contact the Social Security Administration for assistance.


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