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Elena is a seasoned tax consultant with a decade of expertise in income tax management. Graduating with top honors in Finance, she embarked on a career journey focused on simplifying tax complexities. Elena's insightful articles on thecsc.org provide practical guidance to taxpayers.

Minimum Wage for Under 18 in the US

Minimum Wage for Under 18: What is the Minimum Wage for Under 18 in US, UK and Canada

Elena Cordelia

If you’re looking for a job and are under 18, it’s important to know what the minimum wage is in different countries. This article ...

Worth Nearly $49 Million USD

Worth Nearly $49 Million USD: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Three additional gems valued at more than $799,999

Elena Cordelia

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby where history, art, and wealth converge. Coins aren’t just pieces of metal; they tell stories from different times ...

$248/Day For SSI, SSDI, VA, Seniors & Low Income

$248/Day For SSI, SSDI, VA, Seniors & Low Income – Check New Payment Dates

Elena Cordelia

Rumors have been circulating in the United States about a daily distribution of $248 in Social Security payments for individuals receiving SSI, SSDI, VA ...

CTC Starting Date for Deposits in July 2024

CTC Starting Date for Deposits in July 2024, Payment Amount, and How to Claim

Elena Cordelia

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a significant financial aid program launched by the US government to support low-income families with dependent children. This ...

Good News for Veterans: VA Disability Rates on the Rise, Expect More Money in Your Pocket

Elena Cordelia

The VA Disability Rates for 2024 are a significant concern for veterans who sustained injuries while serving in the military. These benefits are crucial ...

Change in the retirement age in the US

Elena Cordelia

Many older Americans are worried about changes to Social Security. New proposals and potential payment cuts have caused concern, especially about raising the retirement ...

Avoid These Common Social Security Mistakes for a Better Retirement

Elena Cordelia

When planning for retirement, many people make mistakes with their Social Security calculations, which can cost them a lot of money. Understanding the common ...

Millions of Retirees to Receive New Social Security Checks This July

Elena Cordelia

Millions of retired workers, survivors, and disabled workers will receive their new Social Security checks in less than five days. On July 10, recipients ...

How to Boost Your Social Security Check by $700 a Month

Elena Cordelia

For many retirees, receiving a monthly Social Security check is a source of comfort and financial stability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) calculates these ...

U.S. Cities and States Implement New Minimum Wage Rates

Elena Cordelia

A new minimum wage increase is now in effect for businesses of all sizes in the United States. The Minimum Wage Ordinance sets the ...

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